The Grande Loja Unida de Portugal (United Grand Lodge of Portugal) affirms and integrates itself in a society of change and constant evolution…

In the quality of Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Portugal I give a warm welcome to all who approach us through the internet. Trusting that here, on our official website, you will find the answers to the questions that brought you to visit us.

This website was created with the purpose of providing basic although essential information to all interested in the subject about the freemasonry concerning the Grand Lodge of Portugal its principles, activities, and projects.

The Freemasonry had an essential role in the progress of humanity throughout the history in the defense and fight for freedom and for the dignity of living conditions. Because it is substantial to preserve this course the freemasonry continues to make sense as a way of individual improvement, sharing of experiences and as a contribution to the improvement of individual and community life. In that way Freemasonry is and must continue to be a school of principles and values; an Academy of preparation for leadership where the principles of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Truth must prevail; a space for the liberty of thought, debate, innovation and creation of projects that contribute to the global improvement of society, once they are fulfilled.

The United Grand Lodge has always affirmed that one of the purposes of why we fight is of overcoming the needs and difficulties of our fellows through charity.

The principle and the main goal of the United Grand Lodge of Portugal are the Regularity, through the recovery of the Landmarks as well as the principles and values of the regular freemasonry in all its virtue. It is important to remind that in its genesis there are many freemasons that were responsible for the implementation of the Regular Freemasonry in Portugal. Whereby the United Grand Lodge of Portugal develops its projects in the accomplishment of the Landmarks of the Regular Freemasonry and respecting the Freemason’s old traditions.

The United Grand Lodge of Portugal claims and integrates itself in a society of change and constant evolution. Claims itself in a New World with a new way of being present and being represented. A Freemasonry who frees itself from the unnecessary formalities, who welcomes the new generations and who wants to belong and contribute to the change.

The United Grand Lodge of Portugal is an open institution and supports everyone who wishes to have a relevant, intervening and positive role in Portugal in the use of their rights and duties of citizenship without resorting to the logic of political parties. The United Grand Lodge of Portugal intends to give space to the citizenship so that free men and of good manners come to us and help us to intervene in a serious and committed way in the building of a better Portuguese nation and society.
The Freemasons cannot skip this call that Portugal is making. To demand and militate for a fairer society where corruption does not exist and where fraternity can be a reality. Portugal is in need of men who feel proud of their country and can improve it to be a better nation by example.

“Almost nothing of what was bearer of the future, hope, and dreams was accomplished in Portugal without the contribution of men who shared those values…”

The United Grand Lodge of Portugal is the masonic institution responsible for practice and development of the Portuguese Rite. The Portuguese Rite respective of the masonic tradition brings out, always within the regularity, the nation’s individuality and greatness as the vehicle of its culture and history internally and externally at the service of Portugal. Not to forget that the adoption of the national rites obeying the regularity is growing all over the world, being naturally accepted among the countries keeping in mind that the freemasonry although scattered is one, fraternally united and brotherhood practiced.

This way I as one of you encourage you to be aware, serene and interceptive, convinced that the effort made to embrace the United Grand Lodge of Portugal must be oriented for the primacy of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Truth.
In land, as well as in the sea or in the air. Working for the peace and always by the human dignity. Wherever a freemason exists there will be presented the best of Portugal.
And Portugal appreciates our patriotic testimony in its defense.

To all of you, I give a fraternal salutation. To all of you who might revert to this purposes and that with us want to create other paths for the building of a fairer society, free and with absolute knowledge laid in the primacy of Education and Culture. And also a special salutation to all freemasons scattered all over the world particularly to each and every member of the United Grand Lodge of Portugal to whom I appeal to continue the search of perfection, constant in our institution.

Paulo Cardoso
Grand Master