Rito Português

The motto of the Portuguese Rite is – “My homeland is the Portuguese Language”.

The Portuguese Rite integrates and reinforces to apply the strategies of the United Grande Lodge of Portugal both with regard to the internal image of our Obedience and as the external deployments through the promoted Lodges by the Portuguese emigrants freemasons, the luso-descendants and side by side with the Portuguese speaking countries providing service to the Portuguese Freemasonry and to Portugal.

The mission of the Portuguese Rite is:

  • Constitute and support the Lodges setup in Portugal and abroad for the Portuguese Rite in strict observance of the Landmarks, the Constitutions and of all the other uses of the Regular Masonry;
  • To deepen the Knowledge, to train and encourage the disclosure of the Portuguese history and culture and of the brother countries;
  • To contribute and support Portugal’s strategies and its strategic partnerships that enhance the community of countries of expression and Portuguese official language in the areas of considered to be a Masonic regular activity where we can and must intervene;

The Portuguese Freemasons, the Portuguese Freemasons speakers staying or not in a Portuguese Native Language Country are all destinations for the Portuguese Rite.

The Portuguese Rite is a traditional, integrator of the Masonic principles and references and of our historical past however it is also an innovative Rite, current, capable of comprehending the future perspectives that stand for Portugal and the Portuguese speaking countries.

The Portuguese Rite facilitates the development of the Portuguese speaking community, making available ways for its evolution, in an open view, which serves and helps the Freemasons that speak Portuguese and find mutual reasons and emotions wherever they are. It is a Rite that integrates the levers of constant updating and diversity.

Almost nothing of what was bearer of the future, hope, and dreams was accomplished in Portugal without the contribution of men who shared those values…

Regardless of the diverse Rites that the Grand Lodge incorporates which are practised by all Freemasonries scattered all over the globe, there is one Rite – the Portuguese Rite – which is a differentiating factor. Where all the freemasons of the Portuguese language must recognize themselves because it enhances the unique virtues of the Portuguese as well as highlights the proudness of us being a nation with so much history. A nation that contributed in the past and it will continue to do so in the future for the existence of a better world.

The Portuguese Rite contains all the anthropological, historical, mythical and ritualistic fundamentals of the ecumenical imaginative Portuguese complex.

It is a universalistic Rite that meets all of what is unitary in the human being and it is transcendent to any kind of relativism.

The Portuguese Rite has a wide heuristic and hermeneutic potential, articulating the long cultural process – mythological and archetypal – of our deep imaginary, with an enormous aesthetic, scenic and theatrical richness.