We believe that “to be open to society” is necessary and urgent, the intervention of the Freemasonry in society is already coming late.

The freemasonry as had a problem of communication over the ages. This problem affects directly not just the way our organisation is seen by its diverse audience but also the way that all the freemasons are treated.
We understand that this is a real problem and that we must improve our image with society.

In Portugal such as how it happens in the United States, in Britain our in Brazil we must create conditions so that to be a Freemason is positively valued by society.

The Freemasonry and its Freemasons must serve society, they must be part of the resolution of the problems.

The Freemasonry has had an essential role in the progress of humanity in the freedom of the people and in the improvement of peoples’ living conditions.

It is substantial to preserve this course because the Freemasonry continues to make sense as a way of individual improvement, sharing of experiences and as a contribution to the improvement of individual and community life. In that way, Freemasonry is and must continue to be a school of principles and values. A space for the liberty of thought, debate, innovation and creation of projects that contribute to the improvement of society.

The Freemasonry is one of the few institutions illegalized by almost all totalitarian regimes. The Freemasonry is of the few institutions that for over 300 years has always assumed the combat for freedom and for the improvement in community living conditions.